Don’t pay too much for your utilities and household services!

Compare your internet, gas, pay TV, home phone and more, and potentially save yourself some money with our free concierge service.

Have you assessed your household expenses lately? Clever money managers review their household expenses at least once a year. It’s a time consuming and often frustrating task that no one likes doing (including us!), but its worth it when you could potentially save some dollars.

That is why we have made it even easier for you with our free Connect service.

Comparing household service providers.

It’s a super easy process (we promise) and there’s zero cost to you:

  1. Fill in the contact form below
  2. Choose the services where you want a comparison
  3. Follow the prompts to submit

A friendly consultant from Moving Hub will then be in touch to help you save money- it’s really THAT simple! You can also use this service to connect to new service providers when moving home too. Get it all done together and save yourself the time and hassle!

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